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  • Pong Clock
    Pong Clock

    I made a version of Don Clark’s Raspberry Pi-powered Pong clock. The left side loses every minute, the right side every hour. The score tells the time.


  • Pixel Portraits – Game Boy Camera
    Pixel Portraits – Game Boy Camera

    In 2015 I printed a series of photos I took throughout 2006-2010 using a Game Boy Camera for the eBay Enterprise employee art exhibit.


  • This Is My Rifle
    This Is My Rifle

    2016, Jessen Jurado
    PLA Filament 3D print at 1.25 scale, based on an Armalite design and Defense Distributed file

    This is a homemade lower receiver for an AR-15 rifle. A lower receiver is (more…)

  • BinAural/Visual

    BinAural/Visual is showcase of performance-oriented electronic art and music projects. Curated since 2012 by Jessen Jurado.


  • I/O Chip Music
    I/O Chip Music

    I/O is a monthly chip music and visuals showcase. Curated by Jessen Jurado since 2009, (more…)

  • Blip Festival Photo Book
    Blip Festival Photo Book

    Production editorial by Jessen Jurado. A comprehensive photographic record of chip musicians who’ve played New York City’s Blip Festival, (more…)

  • Maker Faire 2013 – Upcycled Radio
    Maker Faire 2013 – Upcycled Radio

    I partnered with a fine artist in turning this vintage 1936 tube radio into an art piece and restore it to working order. We upgraded it with a modern solid state amplifier, (more…)

  • Maker Faire 2014 – Fakelore
    Maker Faire 2014 – Fakelore

    I collaborated with the Fakelore: Fables and Legends of the Americas team at Maker Faire 2014.


  • USB Encoder Mod – Wii Stick
    USB Encoder Mod – Wii Stick

    This is a controller mod for the Hori Wii Fighting Stick: Compatibility with Playstation 1, 2, 3 and PC via a Zero Delay encoder.


  • Jean Claude Van Jam 2012
    Jean Claude Van Jam 2012

    I did some 8-bit sound effects for a Web game called Show Her My Thailand: A Street Fighter Romance at the Jean Claude Van Jam at Eyebeam.


  • Pop Tones
    Pop Tones

    As part of the Spotify Music Hackathon. Javascript tone generator collaboration with Pedro Ha — More details coming soon