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BinAural/Visual – March 2016

March 14, 2016jjurado0 Comments

Photographs from BinAural/Visual show I curated (and showed work in). This was on Saturday, March 12 2016.

BinAuralVisual01 BinAuralVisual02 BinAuralVisual06 BinAuralVisual11 BinAuralVisual17  BinAuralVisual27

BinAuralVisual28BinAural/Visual March 2016




Tate Gregor | Ryan Maguire | Jeff Donaldson | Claire Kwong | Jessen Jurado

Saturday, March 12 730pm – 1030pm


Rabbithole Studio
33 Washington Street
Brooklyn NY 11201

Musical performance by

Tate Gregor
Onetime chip musician PopStar turned full-time music composer Tate Gregor explores dreamy electronic sonic textures as part of his most recent solo project.

Audio/Visual Art Performance by

Claire Kwong
Claire Kwong is an interactive artist who dramatizes her personal experience with technology. Her work explores how technology mediates human identity, interaction, and the body. She studied computer science and modern culture and media at Brown University. She has presented her work at Spotify, Harvestworks, Judson Memorial Church, the Electronic Literature Organization, and the Modern Language Association Convention.

Artworks on Display:

(The Ghost in the mp3)
Ryan Maguire

Inspired by the infinity of the cosmos, the indeterminacy of the subatomic, and the complexity of life, Ryan Maguire explores the boundaries between the natural world, human experience, and the technologies that act as intermediaries between the two. His work is equal parts technical virtuosity and folk humanism, blurring lines between composition & improvisation, sound & video, acoustic & electric, deterministic & stochastic, fabricated & hand-crafted, analog & digital, lo-fi & high tech, and ultimately between poetry & science. He plays stringed instruments and programs computers, molds materials and builds circuits, writes essays and sings songs.

“Read Error Scarf”
Jeff Donaldson
Jeff Donaldson is a visual artist and musician also known as noteNdo and the creator of the clothing brand Glitchaus. Through this brand he has developed a series of textiles based on the glitch aesthetic, and is the creator of the Malwear and EXE series, which use a pattern based on binary data and pixels. His work has appeared at the Royal College of Art in London and he has been interviewed by and MIX Magazine in London. His designs have been used by Bodysong for his collection FW15 in Japan, and he has been interviewed by Takuma Fujimoto (aka Nukeme) for Tokyo based MASSAGE massage.

“This Is My Rifle”
Jessen Jurado
Jessen is a Queens, New York-based digital archivist and sometime artist interested in creating or calling attention to artworks devised from useful, existing devices or political leverage or chaos.

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